When Can You Start Learning Piano
Some mothers play classical music to their wombs while they are pregnant. As a result, at an early age, some children show interest in music. But the question is, what is the appropriate age for learning piano? If you are interested in enrolling your child in a piano lesson, here is a guide to do so.

As early as three years old, you can enroll your child in a piano lesson. In that way, their brain circuits will grow with music. A study from the University of California revealed that three-year-old children who play piano had enhanced brainpower compared to other children.

However, most piano teachers will tell you they would prefer if your child is five year and older. It is for the fact that their hands are more significant this time. Five-years-old children also can concentrate and learn piano lessons compared to younger ones.

If you can’t find a piano teacher that accepts three-year-old students, you might want to consider participating in music fostering programs such as Kindermusik. They can help in enhancing their love for music, express their self for music, and master the rhythm. By the time your child reaches the age of five, they are more willing to learn music and practice piano lessons regularly.

But if the piano teacher is willing to accept your child at the age of three, the better it would be. The earlier you expose your child to music, the more your child can master the art of music.