Kawai MP11 Digital Piano Review
Are you looking for a keyboard? Choosing the right keyboard is important for one’s learning. If you have searched the entirely of your local music store and nothing has caught your interest, check out the latest MP series digital piano by Kawai, the Kawai MP11 Digital Piano review.


This model provides 40 onboard sounds that are divided into three sections: Piano, E. Piano, and Sub. Each piano type features its volume slider, switch button, key range button, and mode. Pop, Jazz, Concert, and Mono are all provided in the acoustic section. You can find Modern, E. Grand, and Tine in the E. Piano. On the Subsection, it features Harpsi, Strings, and Bass.

Now you can enjoy a wide range of effects with this model, making your practice sessions more enjoyable. It features amp options and EFX2.

Notice the 128 by 54-pixel LCD located in the middle of the digital piano. It has two knobs placed on each side and four keys underneath it. You can now toggle between MIDI options and internal sounds using the fifth button. The upper right of the screen is the Edit section that allows you to store and lock the controls of your edits. It’s a handy feature as it can help you to avoid changing the sounds by accident while you are playing.

For an aspiring pianist, this digital piano is close to a real grand piano. The high-quality key actions make it feel like you're playing an acoustic piano. Notice the wooden black and white keys that are specifically designed to function as an acoustic grand piano. At a fantastic price, every aspiring pianist would love to play this digital piano from Kawai.


•    Great portability; with its compact size, you can easily bring the piano anywhere you want. It's a great choice for traveling musicians. All you need to do is to remove the stand of the piano, and you can easily be slid it on the trunk of your car.

•    Realistic string performance; if you dream of playing a grand piano someday, you can start practicing with this model. As what we've mentioned above, this digital piano provides a realistic feel to the pianist. In that way, you will develop good ears and has a clear idea of what a good piano should sound like.

•    Grand piano keyboard playability; it may seem impossible for you to find a digital piano at an affordable price that responds to your slightest touch of keys. The Kawai MP11 has proved them wrong! This piano is not a pressure to play. You glide your fingers over the keys instead of hitting them. It's a good feature because you will get used to a more relaxed performance and prevent the pressure. The model can mimic the features of a grand piano which makes it an ideal option for an aspiring pianist who dreams of performing in one of the grand concert halls someday.